Calorie Tracking with a Food Logging App

  • This app’s basic plan is free and offers a one week free trial for a premium plan only after credit card information is entered. Need to cancel before the one week ends, otherwise an auto-renew charge of $39.99/year will occur.
    • Lose it is a free app that allows you to set goals and track your foods to ultimately help you lose weight. Based on your weight goal and inputting some values such as current weight weight and height, it will set a daily calorie budget with an approximate goal weight. The app includes features such as an accountability buddy by adding friends and joining existing groups through the app.
    • Free Basic plan includes tracking only calories and exercise. 
    • Premium plan includes fitness trackers and app integration such as connecting Fitbit for physical activity, can track macronutrients rather than only calories, custom goals such as body fat percentage and body measurements, the ability to plan meals ahead of time, group creation, emailed reports and notes for communicating with trainers/doctor/nutritionist.

tracking your calories

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