Healthy Halloween – Tips for a Healthier

Healthy Halloween – Tips for a Healthier Halloween
-Have a smart start – Fill up on a healthy meal before trick or treating to reduce temptation and over indulging on candy.
-Sort candy – when your family gets home from trick or treating, have your kids sort their candy into piles of Favorites and Not Favorites. Toss any of the not favorites and allow your child to enjoy one of the favorite candy.
-Practice portion control and moderation- Have your child pick out 7 pieces of candy (1 piece per day for a week) and toss any candy that’s leftover.
-Encourage healthy options – When your child asks for a piece of candy make sure to pair it with a healthy snack: an apple, a banana, some healthy nuts, celery or a glass of low-fat milk.
-Try giving out non-candy treats – such as Halloween pencils, pens, stickers, tattoos, vampire teeth and spider rings. And if you can’t resist handing out candy, go for bite-sized candy bars.
-Get moving – incorporate physical activity into Halloween by deciding how far in your neighborhood you will walk and by playing silly Halloween games (monster tag – have one kid be the monster and whoever they tag becomes a zombie, having fun relay races, or dance parties)

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