Feeling the Winter Blues?

Try to incorporate exercise into your routine!
by Katie E. Obojkovits on February 2019

winter blues

We all know exercise is important, but many barriers can prevent us from doing so;
especially in the winter. Although, exercising in the winter can be more beneficial
than you previously thought. During the winter months, especially in New York, it is
not uncommon to develop a condition known as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).
SAD is a form of seasonal depression that tends to appear during the winter months
and disappear after they pass. People with SAD tend to experience weight gain,
feelings of hopelessness, sadness, increased irritability, and even thoughts of
suicide.¹ If you suffer from SAD, incorporating a daily exercise regimen into your
routine may be able to help ease some of your symptoms.
How can Exercise Help with SAD?
When we exercise endorphins are released that elevate mood and ease aches and
pains. Observing the benefits that follow exercise (feeling in shape, etc.) may also
help us feel accomplished, further increasing our self-confidence and boosting our
mood. Exercise can also help prevent weight gain many people experience during
the winter.
What Exercises can I Do During the Winter?body-weight-circuit-workout-for-beginners
Use your own body weight.
You do not need a gym membership, or even
equipment to help you stay lean during the
winter. Using your own body weight to
strength train is an effective and affordable way
to build muscle.
You can also incorporate cardio into your
at-home regimen. Some examples can be jump
rope, jumping jacks, burpees etc.
Take Advantage of YouTube
Many at home workouts can be found by one
simple YouTube search.
Here are some examples:
● Walk Away the Pounds : https://youtu.be/ECxnTuzZ614
● Indoor Cardio : https://youtu.be/sqSRC61CERk

Research Indoor Fitness Classes
Below are some ideas for winter-friendly
exercise classes/activities…
● Yoga
● Pilates
● Karate
● Dance
● Spin classes
● Indoor basketball
Focus on increasing your everyday physical activity
If creating a complete exercise routine is unrealistic at the moment, you can start
off by increasing your general daily activity. Take the initiative by choosing the
stairs over the elevator and walking around your workplace during your lunch
break. Any activity can help!

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