Chicken Pesto

Looking for a quick, easy and healthy dinner recipe? Homemade pesto is a great option! Pesto is a great, tasty way to add flavor in any dish and is a healthier option that your other cream-based sauces. Pesto is also super easy to make, all you need is a blending device (preferably a food processor) and the ingredients. If you would like some inspiration, check out the healthy chicken pesto recipe attached to this post! This recipe is a healthy, nutritious dinner option for tonight, and you probably have all the ingredients necessary. How is it healthier you ask? Well, by using zucchini noodles, you are reducing your refined carbohydrate intake and increasing your vegetable intake. This easy switch will also reduce the calories of your meal! Also, your homemade pesto is healthier than other jarred pesto. By making your own, not only will it taste better, but it will have significantly less processed ingredients, preservatives and sodium.

chicken pesto


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