Stony Brook University Hospital Named First Class Food Facility in America

By Alexandra Talty| February 15, 2016 |  E Loop Rd Stony Brook, NY 11794 Nutritious and delicious meals are supplemented by a rooftop garden. Hospitals aren’t known for their world-class food, but that didn’t stop the staff at Stony Brook University Hospital from aiming for excellence. With a focus on food as a recovery tool, the staff decided to make healthy, delicious... Continue Reading →

How Foods Marketed to Kids Fell Short

How Foods Marketed to Kids Fell Short Many foods advertised to children fall short on nutrition requirements. 53% of the 407 food products that were approved for advertising to children did not meet the governmental nutrition guidelines, with 32% of the products not meeting sugar limitis - according to a study in the journal of... Continue Reading →

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